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YouTube Vanced powers your YouTube experience with video download, customization, themes, and ad-blocker.

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Features of YouTube Vanced

Custom Themes

In the official app, there is only a single in-app theme that has been used for years. Moreover, this theme does not allow any changes or customizations. But now you can custom themes and use a variety of themes for the YouTube interface. 

Dark Mode

Vanced YouTube APK also offers dark mode. It is useful at night for watching YouTube videos. Dark screen mode gives an eye-satisfying experience for the App UI. Moreover, switching b/w dark and light mode is a matter of a click. 

Repeat Videos

There is no auto-repeat feature for your video play in the official YouTube app. But this Revanced App has this auto-repeat. You can play videos on repeat or set any part of a video on loop. This helps you to enjoy your favorite songs & videos . 

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is the advanced version of YouTube that brings premium features of YouTube for free. It brings an ad-block and Dislike button. You can now download all videos in HD quality without requiring an external downloader. There is a huge variety of themes that change your YT interface. You can try these themes with personalizations & customizations. It supports video playback and PiP mode to enhance the multitasking of the device. Swipe controls for controlling different features of the video player. Dark mode for a satisfying night experience on this platform. Customizable video resolutions for streaming and YT downloading. Direct download option for audio with YouTube Vanced Music. Moreover, it also offers video speed customization and auto-repeat features. 

YouTube Vanced APK

It is an unofficial APK version of YouTube for the free joy of premium feature. This is a third-party mod. Not available on the Play Store. It unlocks video downloading quality resolutions and premium content for free. You can block ads and it also brings back the Dislike button. You can override restrictions and enjoy the complete potential of premium joy. Its PiP, background play, and flexible quality resolutions are awesome. You can try a range of custom themes including dark mode and many other colors.


Is YouTube Vanced Safe?

It is safe in terms of its features. But make sure you download it from here as you can get 100% secure files for this app. 

Can I use my YouTube account on YouTube Vanced?

Yes, you can use the same credentials of your official version app to log in to this Vanced app. Moreover, you can run both the Vanced and official versions simultaneously.

Is YouTube Vanced on iOS?

Currently, it works on Android but its popularity and user demands may launch it for iOS devices. 

youtube vanced

Features of YouTube Vanced

This vanced app has many advanced features that are not offered by YouTube official & Premium versions. Here is the complete feature list of this advanced YT app. 

Ad Blocking

Ads are the major issue on YouTube while watching any video on a mobile phone. Users even pay money in terms of premium subscriptions to get rid of these ads. But now millions of users switching to this app. It comes with a powerful ad-blocker tool to limit ads from the streaming. You can get a clean and ad-free streaming of videos without facing ads. 

Background Playback

Play videos in the background and there is no more need to stay on the app interface. Its background play feature will keep playing video and you can minimize this app to use other apps.

PiP (Picture in Picture) Mode

This special feature also enhances multitasking. You can create a small pop-up with the PiP feature to play video. It will free up the mobile screen. You can use other apps and this pop-up will overlay those apps in a corner. 

Customizable Video Resolution

It supports a complete range of customizable video quality. You can switch b/w resolutions with ease for personalized streaming. It offers 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and HD 4K resolutions. Moreover, you can use all these resolutions for video downloads from YouTube. 

Video Downloads

Download everything without any limit and premium package. It offers HD-quality downloads for YT videos. You can use its flexible resolution range to download content of desired quality. It supports batch download and offers a dedicated download manager. Moreover, the download speed is lightning-fast for these YT downloads. 

Audio Downloading

YouTube Vanced App has a built-in video converter. It allows you to directly download videos into MP3 by extracting audio from these videos. This Vanced Music feature gives you access to download all music videos as MP3. Moreover, it supports different formats and audio quality for mp3 downloads. 

Override Maximal Resolution

Overcome the resolution limits and break this barrier with the YouTube Vanced Apk. It brings maximum resolution and quality support for different YT videos. 

Preferred Video Quality

Your video streaming your quality preferences. This app gives you control over quality selection. You stream and download videos of your preferred quality. Moreover, you can set a preferred quality as default for all your video play in this app. 

Pinch to Zoom

The official version does not allow any pinching or zooming for video play. But YouTube Vanced unleashes the zooming feature. You can pinch in to zoom any video and adjust them according to your preferences. 

Swipe Controls

All the controls of your video play are at your fingertips. With swipe up/down you can control volume and brightness. Moreover, it gives swiping power to forward or reverse video with ease. 

Video Speed Control

Customize your video play speed with a built-in speed customizer. Fluctuate the video speed between 1x to 4x and 1x to 0.5x to increase or decrease the speed. 

Casting Toggle

YouTube Vanced Download has a screencasting switch. This toggle helps users to cast mobile screen streaming on a TV. You can use it to stream videos on different devices including Firestick, PC, smart TV, and tablet. 

Set Default Video Quality

In the official version of YouTube 360p is the default video quality for most videos. But now you can define your personalized default video quality. Set 720p, or HD 1080p as your default quality for HD streaming joy. 

Hide Annoying Elements

Are some elements in UI annoying for you? Then you can simply remove these elements. This app offers elements management for app UI. You can change the positions of different elements or completely hide them from the interface

Override Video Restrictions

Some videos are premium on YouTube and are accessible via a premium package. But now you can override these premium video restrictions. This app will bring all the videos in all resolutions without any restrictions. 

Dislike Button

There was a Dislike button on YouTube to discourage unhelpful videos. But YouTube has disabled this feature for free users. Now this Vanced App brings this button back. You can discourage any video if you don’t like it. 

Pros & Cons


  • Ad-free experience enhances uninterrupted viewing.
  • Background playback allows multitasking while listening.
  • Offline downloads enable content access without the internet.
  • Customizable video playback settings improve user experience.
  • Dark mode reduces eye strain during extended viewing.
  • Screen-off playback conserves battery life for mobile users.
  • Video resolution override option for better quality control.
  • Enhanced privacy with features like Incognito mode.
  • YouTube Premium features accessible for free.
  • Supports picture-in-picture mode for multitasking convenience.
  • Gesture controls offer intuitive navigation for users.
  • Wide range of customization options for personalized viewing.


  • Risk of security concerns due to third-party app installation.
  • Updates may lag behind official YouTube app releases.
  • Limited official support compared to the original YouTube app.
  • Potential instability or bugs due to the unofficial nature of the app.
  • Incompatibility with certain devices or operating system versions.
  • No access to exclusive content or features available only on YouTube Premium.
  • Uncertainty about the app’s long-term viability due to legal concerns.


In short, YouTube Vanced is a cool way to watch videos without annoying ads. You can listen to videos while doing other things and save them to watch offline. It’s easy to change settings like dark mode and video quality. Plus, it gives you extra privacy and control with features like Incognito mode and gestures. But, there are some downsides too. It might not be as safe as the regular YouTube app because it’s not from the official store. Sometimes, it might have bugs or problems. Still, lots of people like YouTube Vanced because it gives them more freedom from ads. It’s important to think about whether the benefits are worth the risks before using it. The way we watch videos keeps changing. Hence this app shows how people want more control over what they watch. Whether it stays popular in the future depends on things like rules about apps and what users want.